Last month I spent three days at Jazz Is Dead 2021, a non-conformist jazz festival for which I’m working as head tech since 2019. Getting back to a real festival after two years has been like breathing fresh air again, even if it’s been quite tiring – need to get fit for next year!
It’s been nice meeting again amazing musicians like Tony Buck and working with one of the most influential vocalists of the last three decades, Attila Csihar, for the first italian show ever of his project Hiedelem, in which he plays with Balazs Pandi nonetheless. Also, we had the pleasure to host shows for two great local bands, Rhabdomantic Orchestra and Oaxaca.
Love and kudos to my buddies Marco Roccati & Luca Guglielmetti, when the tech team works well everything runs smoothly!

Rhabdomantic Orchestra at Jazz Is Dead 2021

Double bass

Jazz Is Dead crew

All photos by Amalia Fucarino.