I’ve spent lots of time seeking the ultimate tone, and this led me to mod some pedals me or some friends had. Here they are:

Boss CS-3: bass mod
Stock CS-3s sound quite squashy and cut a lot of bass, so this mod will increase the low end and the dynamic response aswell, lowering the compression ratio. The available make up gain is raised too. This is called Bass Mod, but you’d benefit of it even with guitar or any other device!

Boss DS-1: big & fat mod
Mixing some parts from Robert Keeley’s SEM mod and Brian Wampler’s Modern Sound mod I came up to my personal version of this pedal. Boosted low end, higher volume, more versatile tone pot, all useful to achieve that big fat and distorted sound I love.

Boss HM-2 & HM-3: eq mod
This mod gives you better control of the higs or the mids, i.e. keeping the high frequencies rolled off and controlling the mids with the Highs pot.

Boss MT-2
This bedroom-metal-pedal is actually a great mod platform. Working on different parts of the circuit you can attenuate the fizziness, improve the dynamics response or make the gain structure more fuzzy.

Danelectro DanEcho: infinite repeats mod
With this mod your DanEcho will have infinite repeats leading it to self-oscillation, just like good old analog delays.

Electro Harmonix Black Russian Big Muff: Green Russian specs mod
With this mod some internal resistors are changed in order to match the values of the Green Muff. It won’t be sounding exactly like your buddy’s Green Sovtek Tank, but it will be almost the same, and far better than the stock one.

Ibanez SM-9 / MS-10: boost mod
How about increasing output volume and being able to clean your sound just rolling down your guitar’s volume knob?

Ibanez TS-9 / TS-10 / TS-5 / TS-7: TS-808 Mod
No matter which Tube Screamer you have, it can be easily modded to match the TS-808 specs.

Marshall GV-2: treble bite mod
If you feel like your overdrive tone is too muffed, this mod could help you out. Your tone will get more bite.

MXR Distortion+: volume mod
Distortion+ is famous for being one of the most respected distortion stompboxes out there, but as many other distortions it lacks of available volume. This mod will increase your maximum volume a lot, while retaining the pedal tone to drive your amp to sonic heaven.

ProCo Rat / Rat 2 / Turbo Rat: Ruetz mod
This will turn your beloved Rat in an extremely versatile crunch machine, enabling you to softly dial distortion in, from clean sound (with gain at zero) to wild overdrive (with full gain). Your low end will also benefit from this.

ProCo Rat / Rat 2 / Turbo Rat: Mighty Mouse mod
Taking the clipping diodes away, your Rat will turn in a really hi-volume boost pedal, really useful for cranking your tube amplifier and make it LOUD.

Rocktek DIZ-02: boost mod
It’s unbeliavable how this cheaper-than-cheap piece of garbage can turn in a sweet crunch/boost pedal.