Sooo, it’s time for a brief summary of what happened in the last months.
Aside from my studio activity (which has gone great, expect some great stuff coming from Tons, Thirst Prayer and Last Minute To Jaffna) I did some live engineering aswell. Last August I flew with Stearica to England, at Arc’Tan’Gent Festival precisely. We played the main stage a couple hours after noon, and it’s been really great. Twenty years ago I remember them playing at our school’s party, and now they’re playing the same stage Converge played some hours later!

Back home I did FOH at Varvara Festival, like every year. It’s been such a pleasure working for a living legend as Justin Broadrick, who took part as JK Flesh.
Here’s some live videos:

JK Flesh

Brighter Death Now feat. Lina Baby Doll (aka Deutsch Nepal)

Omega Machine

Karman Vortex Street

Last October I’ve been touring with Zatokrev, from 16th to 24th. After a warm-up show doing FOH for The Leaving (solo project of Zatokrev’s Fredi) in Basel with my friends Father Murphy and the goddess Jarboe, we left for Eastern Europe. We had a great time through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, met cool people and great bands. We shared the bill three times with Au Dessus and in Varna I had the pleasure to do FOH for them aswell.

Here’s a video from their show at Disorder Club in Svishtov: