I’m back from a trip to Vasto Siren Fest with Stearica last friday. It’s been a pretty cool job, finally working with them after almost 20 years (we met in high school!). Their stage was in front of an ancient gate, directly facing the sea. The only big disappointing things were we didn’t have soundcheck and the front of house was actually a side-of-house, so I had to run all the time to make sound adjustments while they were playing.
I’s been cool also because I got to work with two of the most talented drummers I know in a single week, being them Davide from Stearica (of course) and Andrea from Dogs For Breakfast.

Stearica Vasto Siren Fest 1
Stearica Vasto Siren Fest 2
Stearica Vasto Siren Fest 3